safeya fawzy

Temporary Exhibition

Publication & Exhibition Design at PlanBEY, an Artesian Publishing House based in Beirut, Lebanon.

The exhibition carried the title "Temporary | Metamorphosis of a City: Beirut 1870 - 2052" showing the transformation of Beirut throughout the decades. From an Ottoman Arabesque city in 1870, to a French colony in 1952 and a Beirut in destruction after the Lebanese civil war in 1995 till todays tower structures.

Commissioned work for: PlanBEY, Artesian Publishing House
Supervised by Antione Sfeir and Karma Tohme
Exhibition Artists: Nadim Asfar, Antoine Atallah, Alex Baladi, Alphonse Garabedian, Abdallah Hatoum, Maha Nasrallah, Watchi
Exhibition Idea: Antione Sfeir. Beyt Amir, Beirut, Lebanon | 2017


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