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Nilfurat is a project by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). This project aims to train refugee women in Egypt on a handcraft and business level inorder to create a steady income for the women. Gathering refugee women from the countries of where the two rivers the Nile and Euphrates flow. The design team helped with brainstorming, development of products, concepts and ideas that can be created. Teaching and guiding the women, to develop their own products and designs as well as setting up an end exhibition to showcase their work. A great team work and effort. This is the documentation for the project, showing the journey of Nilfurat.

UNHCR | 2015-2016
Nilfurat phase one design team: Shery, Silvia, Nikolai, Yosra, Amaal, Nesma, Inas, Carol, Nourhan.

The beginning:

The journey:

The outcome:

Products examples:

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