safeya fawzy

safeya fawzy

Graphic Designer & Book Artist

Born in Cairo 1993, Egypt, I grew up in a bilingual home where my first language was German and Arabic followed quickly after. Having one foot in Egypt and another one in Germany I was exposed to two cultures.. two languages.. and two homes. Such diversity shaped my interests for art, letters and visual communication, which I integrate in my work.

I studied graphic design at the German University in Cairo (Egypt) and currently typography and editorial design at the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel (Germany). Over the years my passion grew for book design and typography. A special interest developed for paper, letters, printing and a passion for handmade craftsmanship.

My passion for travelling and exploration gave me the chance to gather experiences around Europe and the Middle East and thus working, participating in workshops and meeting new people with diverse skills and interests. I am very thankful for the people I have met throughout my journey so far and I am always on the search for new encounters.

If you are interested to get some work done or to meet for a cup of tea, please feel welcomed to contact me. Looking forward to meet you!