safeya fawzy

A hand printed story:
dear future self... dear past self...

A story of a struggle with the Arabic language: Younger generations raised in Cairo, have difficulties speaking classical Arabic. With the decline of education, Arabic language skills have weakened. The educated youth, usually master another language, read and write better in a foreign one. The story shows a struggle of a girl growing up in Cairo. A dialogue between a younger self and an older self, showing the influences of home, school, private tutoring, technology and identity. A handprinted book, linocut illustrations guided by clichés. A story that can be read forward in time or backwards.

Supervised by Regina Rammelt, Philipp Paulsen, Frederick Best
GUC German University Cairo | 2017

"Writing seems hard. These signs they call tashkeel, what do they mean? Where should they go? You learn they are there for guidance. You close your eyes trying to find guidance yourself. Darkness you see… Your playful mind starts drawing them out, like stars, showing you the way. Guiding your way it seems…"

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